Blue Cross Blue Shield & Blue Care Network of Michigan Individual


BCBS Value (under 30)

BCN Value (under 30)


BCBS Premier Bronze Saver BAAG

BCBS Premier Bronze BAAG

BCBS Premier Bronze with Primary Care Visits BAAG

BCN Detroit Metro Bronze Saver

BCN Detroit Metro Bronze

BCN Select Bronze

BCN Preferred Bronze


BCBS Premier Silver Saver

BCBS Premier Silver

BCBS Premier Silver Extra

BCN Detroit Metro Silver Saver

BCN Detroit Metro Silver

BCN Detroit Metro Silver Extra

BCN Select Silver Saver

BCN Select Silver

BCN Select Silver Extra

BCN Preferred Silver

BCN Preferred Silver Extra


BCBS Premier Gold 

BCBS Premier Gold Extra

BCN Detroit HMO Gold Extra

BCN Select Gold

BCN Select Gold Extra

BCN Preferred Gold

BCN Preferred Gold Extra


BCBS Premier Platinum w/Dental and Vision




Pediatric Dental


Paper Application (Direct)

BCBS BCN Custom Select Drug List 2016



NOTE: Plan BAAGS may not reflect and cost sharing credits should an individual be eligible via the Marketplace.

To speak to an agent about Marketplace Subsidy and Cost Sharing Credit eligibility, please call us directly for assistance.

To secure your ability to use an agent at no cost to you should you decide to complete the financial portion of the Marketplace Application on your own, make sure to include the following information:

Have you had any assistance from any of the following?

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Name: Lani Corriveau
FFM ID: bluesky1980
NPN #: 8480049


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Dental (DNOA Network)