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Information provided on this page is provided for illustrative purposes only. These references are included to assist Employers maintain compliance when offering Employee Welfare Plans. Each Employer Group’s responsibilities/obligations under the law may vary depending on the complexity of the benefits offered. It is each Employers’ responsibility to have legal and financial documents reviewed by a certified licensed financial or law professional for legality, compliance and entirety.



Will my business be subject to Health Care Reform ‘Pay or Play’?*
(Note-tool determines ‘Pay or Play’ applicability by tallying number of Full-Time  + TOTAL Hours worked by Part-Time employees) 

Although ‘Pay or Play’ penalties may not apply, an employer choosing to offer benefits will need to comply with many new Health Care Compliance requirements.

The Employer Pay or Play Mandate Penalties have been postponed until January 1st 2015

Tools and Information for Small Businesses

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Tools and Information for large businesses

Employer Responsibilities: All Employers 

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Employee Benefits Security Administration

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Employers Compliance Guide

ERISA EBSA Required Disclosures

Sample Model Notices

Group Employer Fiduciary Responsibilities

2012 Form 5500, Form 5500 Short Form, Schedules A-I, Schedule MB, Schedule R and Schedule SB




MBPA Employer Enrollment

MBPA Benefits of Membership

Below are links to information for employers to ensure compliance under ERISA


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Mental Health Parity